Question: How do I use the system?
Answer: To create a public resource on a dynamic IP is sufficient to establish the downloaded application on your computer with a Web server and at the top of the window to drive the login and password provided during registration. Within a minute after you save your resource will be available to the public by a name that you chose at registration. Thereafter, the program can be closed. Next Your IP is updated automatically. In the future, the program can be used to reconfigure the credentials.
            If you need a dynamic DNS for non-public services, such as FTP, pcAnywhere, Remote Desktop, SQL Server, etc., then install the application once and on your computer. Beat in the lower part of the program the login and password provided when registering a remote computer and come up with a descriptive name for the domain, for example, moy.dom. Now, access to resources will be carried out under this name, and only those computers that perform the same settings.

Question: I want to use your service to work with the remote desktop port 3389. I ordered it in the "My Account", open ports on the router and made icing, but go to the remote computer fails.
Answer: The transfer port in the Dashboard is required for access to public resources (HTTP) in the case where there is no desire or ability to use port 80. In this case, any user drives a conventional address, and transfer to the specified port automatically.
            Programs such as remote desktop, not only do not need in the public domain, but, on the contrary, must be hidden from outsiders. This problem is solved with the help of DNS Secure, accessible only to users who have given you access. To do this, install the application on the computer from which you want to connect. Drive a username and password (received at registration) of the computer you are connecting. Think convenient domain name that contains one point (for example, and mount it in the "access to remote computers." Do not forget to save your changes. Now the program for remote desktop as the address of the remote computer (host) coined register your domain (
Unlike other dynamic DNS services, you directly connect to your remote computer. Our server reports only its IP address, which guarantees complete privacy.

Question: How quickly updated information about the IP address change?
Answer: Within 40-60 seconds.

Question: Can I remove the installed application?
Answer: Yes I Am. Removal is possible in the usual way via the "Control Panel".

Question: In the application "Access this computer" I drive in the login and password, but the "Save" button is not active.
Answer: "Save" button will become active only after the "Checks registration". You log in on the page "Register", indicating preferred domain. Only after receiving an e-mail registration information, you are driven into the appropriate fields of the program window received login and password.

Question: I forgot my password. What to do?
Answer: You can write us a letter, stating your username and e-mail, used during registration. After checking the data administrator will send you a new registration data.

Question: I registered in the system, received an e-mail login and password. Download the application in which hammered login and password settings are saved. But enter into your website fails. What is the reason?
Answer: Perhaps you are trying to access your web server from the same IP (or from the same computer, or from the same local network). This is equivalent to saying that you try to call your phone number. Name of the site (web server) is intended for visitors from another IP, ie not from the LAN, and WAN Internet. Your neighbor can come to your resource by typing your registered name.

Question: When the program starts, the message "Not enough user rights to run! Run in the" administrator ".
Answer: In this case, contact your system administrator.

Question: Can I have two account?
Answer: You can create more than one account, if you have more than one computer with a dynamic address or need to work with different ports. With a single login You can register unlimited number of domains. However, passwords must be different. For example, a user account with password password has resource, the same user account with a password password2 a resource, the same user account with a password has password3 resource Etc.

Question: How does a private network?
Answer: Private network operates over any protocol or port and is available to any application or service on a computer that is running our program. Downloaded the client tells the server the IP address of your site, and then loads a private network that is available only for your computers. The application must be installed on each computer within the network. For example, your network hundreds of computers located in different parts of the vast universe. You as system administrator does not go to a specific page of the Internet. However, you have a resource that must attend to all users. In this case you install our application and assign aliases resources with a dynamic IP address. For example, assign a name rabota.dom. This can also be useful when it is difficult name you want to give a slight name.

Question: What first-level domains may be registered in a private network?
Answer: Perhaps absolutely arbitrary domain name that does not exist anywhere else! or vice versa, well-known, however, the transition will be made exactly to your resource. Thus, you can have your own But do not forget that in this case the service such as the update will not apply to this site microsoft. Located in a private network, a registered domain of the first level will be matched exactly to your resource.

Question: My ISP has blocked port 80. Can I host a web server?
Answer: Yes, it is possible. It is necessary to specify which port is needed. You just have to configure your web server to another port (eg, 100). In this case the visitors of your site will gain a regular address without specifying the port (for example,

Question: I have a static IP address. And I want to use your services only to acquire free domain. Is it possible?
Answer: A Static IP address can not limit the ability of our system. On the contrary, the installed application is not necessary to periodically send information about changing the IP of your computer. In this case, the only benefit from our system - is a free domain name.

Question: I want to register in the system for dynamic dns, but the downloaded application reports an error connecting to the server.
Answer: This usually occurs in the absence of the Internet. Unfortunately, in this case the operation of the service is impossible.

Question: How do I put a link on my life, if you do not use http-connection (for example, rtsp:// for surveillance cameras, public FTP, NTP, src = "", but if you want to, and can be http://)?
Answer: For this, we have a special page returns the ip-address of your resource:, where xxxxxxx - DnsIP domain name system. This page returns the ip-address of your resource in the tags <body>. That is, to access the camcorder rtsp support the resource '' You need to insert code in the page reports with reference the following code:
// Get the ip-address:
// Remove the tag <body>:
$ip = substr($ip, strpos($ip,'<body>')+6);
$ip = substr($ip,0,strpos($ip,'</body>'));

It remains pure ip-address in the variable $ip.
Put it in the address bar:

<param name="MRL"
<? echo $ip ?>:554/user=admin&password=&channel=1&stream=0?.sdp">

As a result, your line would look like this:

<Param name = "MRL"


Question: What is necessary to specify the start page?
Answer: Home is indicated only in the case if its name is different from the conventional (ie not ''). Prescribed without a domain name. For example, your domain and you specify a starting page startovaya.php. Typing in the browser '', you go directly to the page 'YourIpAddress/startovaya.php'.

Question: How to contact you?
Answer: Our email:


If you have any doubts, you can ask questions.

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